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Vertical High Temperature Graphitization Furnace Heat Treatment Furnace

Vertical High Temperature Graphitization Furnace Heat Treatment Furnace


Vertical High Temperature Graphitization Furnace Heat Treatment Furnace

 graphitization furnace Mainly used for high temperature graphitization treatment of thermally conductive materials (PI film); graphite purification, high temperature treatment of flake graphite, carbon material structural parts (products), C/C composite products, carbon materials and other graphite materials. The use of the high-temperature horizontal graphitization furnace and the matching carbonization furnace can effectively reduce labor costs and raw material costs and increase production capacity, which is especially suitable for PI film production lines for coil production.

graphitization furnace Main features:
      1 to 2 standard structure (one power supply and two furnace bodies)
      Maximum temperature: 3000ºC, common temperature 2850ºC, common constant temperature zone size (600MM X600MMx 1600MM, 500mm X500mm x1300mm). The size can be customized according to customer's requirements.
      Temperature uniformity: ≤±10ºC; control accuracy: ±1ºC
      Working condition: vacuum displacement Ar2, N2 protection (micro positive pressure)
      Temperature measurement: temperature measured by imported infrared optical thermometer with temperature measurement range of 1000-3000ºC;
      Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.3%
      Temperature uniformity: ≤±10ºC
      Safety: Automatic explosion-proof valve, automatic monitoring and protection of water pressure and water flow.
      Temperature control: program control and manual control; temperature control accuracy: ±5ºC

Vertical High Temperature Graphitization Furnace Heat Treatment Furnace
Vertical high temperature graphitization furnace Advantages:

     1. The equipment can be equipped with special circulating water cooling system for intermediate frequency power supply and protective gas purification device. The special circulating water cooling system for intermediate frequency power supply can effectively reduce and eliminate equipment failures caused by cooling water quality problems, and ensure long-term normal production of equipment. The protective gas purification device can provide the purity of the protective gas, extending the service life of the furnace insulation materials, and reducing customer costs.

     2. The power supply is optional. The company's complete sets of equipment have SCR intermediate frequency power supply and IGBT intermediate frequency power supply for customers to choose from. The SCR power supply is stable and reliable, which is easy to repair and maintain, and low maintenance cost. IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Introduction of the Company

      With over years of expertise in carbon metallurgical industry, Henan Shengmiao Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to research & development, and providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective lab instrument products. 

       Possessing sophisticated production lines and inspection equipments, the company is specialized in production and service of electrically heated heat treatment units for its customers worldwide. Since its foundation, we have produced many types of vacuum furnace. As of now, our products range includes vertical high temperature graphitization furnace, horizontal high temperature graphitization furnace, lab graphitization furnace, high temperature carbonization furnace , silicon carbide vacuum sintering furnace, lab vacuum sintering furnace. 

      The company maintains stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective Quality Management System, continual improvements, and excellence in customer satisfaction.
       As an experienced manufacturer, we now offer everything from graphitization furnaces to cooper mould tube. Our products meet and exceed the challenges of thousands of applications, and continue to be innovated.

       Our products have served a lot of customers in the scientific research institutes, Carbon and carborundum complex material, tool and mould industry, hard alloy industry, powder metallurgy industry, nonferrous metal casting industry home and abroad. Having strong presence in world market with good reputation, our products have been exported to many countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Iran etc.

Our Competitive Advantages

Powerful R&D Strength:
1. Devoted to Metallurgical Industry R&D and Manufacture with 28 Years of Expertise;

2. Full Range of Products:
     Meet and Exceed the Challenges of Thousands of applications, and Continue to be Innovated.

3. ISO 9001:2015 certified; Providing 100% Inspection and Reporting.

4. Reliability of Large-Scale Projects: 
     Providing Highly Engineered, Industry-leading Services, Customer-first Solutions for Customers Around the World.

5. Fastest Possible Deliveries: 
    Vast Inventory Aids in the Quick Deliveries; Securing the Most Economical Ocean & Railroad Freight Rates within the Delivery Time Table. 

6.Technical Support and Services 
     Providing Thoughtful Services and Technical Support; Help Increase Productivi 

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