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How is crystallizer copper tube treated with oxidation resistance?

How is crystallizer copper tube treated with oxidation resistance?

       Mold copper pipe has good physical properties such as heat conduction, but it is easy to oxidize in the air. The use of anti-oxidant, also known as copper anti-oxidant treatment, can improve the anti-tarnish and anti-oxidation ability of the copper tube of the mold. A passivation film is formed on the surface to prevent the surface from darkening, and to improve its corrosion resistance, discoloration resistance, and oxidation resistance, and does not affect the welding performance. Especially the use of mold copper tube, passivation treatment after polishing. The stock solution of the amount of antioxidant can be used directly. The anti-oxidation protective agent is the last anti-oxidation process in the copper polishing process. During use, the workpiece should be immersed in the chemical and slightly shaken so that the workpiece can fully contact the chemical. The anti-oxidation protective agent has no pungent odor, simple operation and high production efficiency. However, after the workpiece is treated with chemical water, the surface must be cleaned with water or pure water. Otherwise, it will affect the surface of the workpiece.

  The anti-oxidation process of crystallizer copper tube is: degreasing→washing twice→polishing→washing twice→antioxidant treatment→washing twice→drying.

  Using antioxidants can increase the service life of the mold copper tubes.

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